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We’re passionate about
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At Nu, our team is committed to helping small businesses grow by simplifying the way people connect.

How we became experts in local business marketing

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By now you might be wondering how we became experts in local business marketing. The short answer: because we absolutely love it! Local and small business marketing isn’t just our job – it’s our passion. We’re a digital marketing agency that believes local businesses are the backbone of the home service industry. When we partner with your business, we treat your company as if it was our own.


At Nu, no two clients are exactly the same, which has diversified our skillset and experiences over the years. We don’t shy away from a good challenge. In fact, that’s the type of work we love most of all! Another reason we’re different from most digital marketing agencies? Our team doesn’t go by a one type fits all marketing playbook. In order to serve small business and local clients, we’re constantly changing the way we approach our digital marketing strategies. When it comes to marketing for local businesses, our team is committed to adapting, assisting, and taking action where you need it.

Our Promise to You

Our Core Values

At Nu, we understand that it takes more than hard work to help grow a small business. As a digital marketing agency, we promise we won’t just work hard – we will put the same amount of passion and perseverance into your business that you do. To us, your success is our success, and we take that seriously. That’s why we’re committed to practicing the best local business marketing and small business marketing strategies.

Creating Meaningful Partnerships with Small Businesses


At Nu, our clients always come first. As small business marketing specialists, we know it takes plenty of passion and hard work to run a business. That’s why when we view our client relationships as partnerships, and as your partner, we promise to strive for excellence.


Being in the industry as long as we have means we’ve partnered with businesses of all kinds. Our portfolio includes:

  • Attorneys
  • Car Dolly Manufacturers
  • Carpet Cleaners
  • Countertop Installers
  • Electricians
  • Equipment Manufacturers
  • Generator Specialists
  • Home Automation
  • HVAC Specialists
  • Insurance
  • Movers
  • Outdoor Living

As you can probably tell, all of these industries have one thing in common – they’re here to create better lives for homeowners. Whether it’s renovating, repairing, or improving your home and lifestyle, we work with industries that are dedicated to helping the homeowner. At Nu, we’re passionate about Home Services Marketing.


Certified & Trained Partner

Providing the best quality service has always been a priority at Nu! That’s why we chose to partner with HubSpot, a company who’s pioneered the inbound marketing industry. Their mission is to help you grow better, and the backbone of all the incredible deliverable we offer is the #1 marketing automation software on the market. HubSpot also provides in-depth training and certifications to our company and team members! Once you partner with Nu, your digital consultant will be able to kick-start campaigns while maximize your marketing budget. Their software is designed to help digital marketing agencies get the job done right.

A Word From Our CEO

Chase your dreams!

When I was a kid, I knew that I was destined to build and create!  At the time I thought I was going to become a builder.  Fast forward 30+/- years, I am one of the owners and CEO of Nu!   As an entrepreneur I get to build and create all day long, but not quite how I had envisioned it.


What’s interesting is, over time, our niche’ has become the home services industry because we love supporting the homeowner and their dreams. So in a way, I still have the opportunity to help “build” thousands of homes through the work that we do by supporting businesses who serve the home owner.


Why do I tell you this story? Because I want you to chase your dreams. You only get one life and often one chance! Don’t wait. Want to start a business? Create a product? Disrupt an industry? What are you waiting for?

The team that is changing how businesses grow!

Our Team Members

Our team is made up of hard-working individuals who love marketing for local businesses.

Our team is the source of our company’s drive, work ethic, and passion..


Throughout much of our 23 year history as a company, Winston-Salem not only was the home of our physical office, but the home of all of our employees as well. Like many other businesses in 2020, we found ourselves being more productive working from home than in the office. Collectively our team also experienced a better work life balance because of the hours that we “got back” into our day to day life because we no longer had to commute, etc.


When we left our downtown office in March of 2020, we never returned and haven’t looked back! Nu is now a Fully Remote Digital Marketing Agency. This strategic move has allowed Nu to no longer be limited to Winston-Salem to find amazing marketing talent! Already serving international clients, we knew that we also needed to grow our international team members as well!


22 Full Time In House Employees now call the United States, India, Bangladesh, and the Philippines home. Technology such as Slack, Zoom, and Clickup have allowed us to maintain an unmatched excellence. Besides getting growth-driven results for your business, we can be found sending GIFs and memes on Slack, drinking an excessive amount of coffee, and discussing our favorite things to binge on Netflix on a regular basis. We’re not just a digital marketing agency – we’re a team of creative individuals that care about your success.

What to expect when you partner with a digital marketing agency


We don’t like to brag, but we think we’re pretty great at what we do. From small business marketing to local business marketing, web design, and eCommerce SEO, we’ve pretty much done it all.


That’s why when you decide to work with us, you’re not working with a one-dimensional marketing agency. We’re a team of dynamic marketing go-getters that really know our stuff – and maybe a little bit extra! But don’t just take our word for it – just take a look at all the incredible services we have to offer.

Yeah, that’s enough to make anyone’s head spin. But, with your account manager and our incredible team of experts, all these services will start making sense in no time.


Have more questions? Drop us a line, text, email, or DM. We love to chat and promise we’ll have a cup of coffee beforehand so we’re revved up and ready to go! Just schedule your free assessment to see how we can set your business down the path to success.

We’ve talked a big game, but don’t worry – we have the results to back it up. Review our Case Studies to see how we achieve success for our clients.

Trusted by clients just like you.

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