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Search Engine Optimization for Self Storage Facilities

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If you work in the self-storage industry, it’s time to consider how self-storage SEO can help your facility grow. Local SEO tactics provide many benefits for business owners, including brand awareness, customer acquisition, and growth. All are great reasons to get started on your search engine optimization digital marketing strategy!


Just like storage units protect people’s cherished belongings, an excellent digital presence will protect your business and help it thrive. Your website will not rank highly on Google, Bing, and other popular search engines if it does not have the structural support it needs to do so!


At Nu Agency, we provide multiple SEO plans and pricing to help businesses grow and succeed in the self-storage industry. If you’re wondering how effective your self storage SEO strategy is, we’ve got you covered. We’ll show you what, how, and why self storage SEO works, as well as how adopting local SEO solutions may help you develop your business.

A Definition

What is SEO?

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What Is Self-Storage SEO?

Self storage SEO (also known as search engine optimization) is the act of strategically optimizing your website to include specific keywords throughout. Your website should contain relevant information on your home page, service, and product pages. A local SEO blog to build rapport with customers is also helpful.

There are a few guidelines to remember when creating a self storage SEO plan:

  • Include Self Storage SEO on Relevant Webpages
    • While you should have self storage keywords on all of your web pages, it’s crucial to determine which words are most relevant to that particular page. For example, you don’t want to discuss ‘self storage climate control’ on your locks page. This page should focus on ‘self storage locks’ and other specific services and terms relevant to your website and increase its visibility.
  • Find Self-Storage Keywords That Improve Your SERP Rating
    • SERP Ratings, known as the Search Engine Results Page, are how you can determine the readability, strength, and success of your website. All of your web pages are read and analyzed by various search engines. The more robust and relevant your keywords are, the easier it is to organically rank on Google. You can monitor the results of your search engine rankings using platforms like Google Analytics for search engine optimization.
  • Learn How to Use Local SEO Solutions
    • According to Google, specific key phrases are recognized for boosting your SERP ratings, depending on the size of your firm. They’re easier to rank for than other nationally ranked terms. When promoting self storage, use local SEO words on your website to improve your local rankings.

However, self storage SEO methods can take a little time. There are several strategies for enhancing and optimizing your self storage SEO and marketing, which is why we’ll look at how to do it with several tools and techniques. Before you know it, SEO will bring you to the top of the self-storage industry. 


Keep in mind that successful implementation requires time and planning. If you want to grow your business with search engine optimization marketing, SEO packages, and search engine ranking services, you should contact an SEO expert near you for further help.


You’ll be able to boost your monthly number of leads and, as a result, your overall monthly self storage sales if you use the appropriate self storage SEO strategy. Your website will eventually appear on the top page of local search results based on those relevant keywords when optimized with the proper self-storage keywords for your company. 

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Creating A Self-Storage SEO Strategy

You may not believe it’s hard to boost a website’s search traffic, but you would be surprised. To increase the number of keywords on your self-storage company website and improve overall web traffic, you’ll need a solid self storage SEO strategy that adds new terms to your site and brings you to the forefront of search engines. Online visibility will ensure you’re found by the right demographic.


How to Develop a Local SEO Strategy 


There are two options for self storage SEO keyword research: national keyword rankings and local keyword rankings. If you want to successfully make the first page on search engines, you’ll have to appeal to your local customers. 

National keywords, of course, are terms that perform the best on a national level, such as ‘self-storage facilities.” While it’s critical to use these words throughout your self-storage company website, you’ll be competing against big businesses with the resources and money to keep their websites on page one of Google no matter how hard you try.


In the long run, it’s all about finding a plan that works for you and your company. However, optimizing your website for “self-storage facilities in North Carolina” rather than “self-storage” will pay off in the end for local search results.


Balance is vital in SEO tactics, so local SEO should be utilized in your self-storage facility SEO plan. Local SEO finds your company’s location and narrows down the search area to a particular region, whether it’s a city, county, or state.To help you double your efforts and overall rankings, we recommend focusing on local self-storage keywords in the long run. Our SEO services at Nu can help you discover long-tail, technical, and on-page SEO optimization that will bring the results you’ve been seeking.


We believe that self-storage SEO shouldn’t have to be difficult, and all it takes is the proper SEO techniques and a little bit of time. With Nu Agency, you can get the SEO results needed to bring your self-storage facility to the next level.


Other SEO firms may promise growth to their clients, but Nu assures it. We take your objectives seriously and create an SEO campaign based on your unique goals and storage facility SEO demands.

Self-Storage SEO: 5 Places to Enhance Your Marketing Campaign

Let’s take a look at where you can start implementing these techniques. There are several places where you may use self-storage SEO to promote your business. For example, self-storage SEO advertising on major search engines such as Google and Bing is an excellent approach to get customers for your storage facility.


Both online and local businesses are looking to produce digital content that will show the best features of their business. This is particularly important for self-storage facilities since you’re trying to draw in new people to your services while maintaining your existing customer base. 


There are some important guidelines when creating the content for your website:

  • Make Sure Your Content Includes Specific Details About Your Facility
    • All content should discuss specific details about your business that customers would find helpful. This includes how much space you have available, what types of boxes and packing supplies are sold in-store, which security features you offer, if any moving services are provided, and other details based on your local self-storage facility. Be sure to include a photo gallery highlighting the best parts of your business.
  • The Keyword in Your Page Title
    • Search engines look at a web page’s title to determine how relevant it is to a keyword phrase. For this reason, you should work with your SEO expert to determine the best keywords that will be included in your page title.
  • Link Building Is Important for Your SEO Efforts
    • Local community backlinks are links on other websites that point back to your self-storage website. These are important because search engines use their count to determine how popular a webpage is also based on its relevance.
  • Utilize Social Media Platforms to Connect with Customers
    • Social media is critical for any business hoping to establish an online presence. Still, it can be especially beneficial for self-storage providers hoping to enhance their local SEO efforts. This includes using social media to gain reviews, encourage engagement with existing customers, and obtain backlinks on other websites.
  • Use Google My Business
    • Companies should utilize Google My Business to optimize local SEO strategies. The GMB page allows you to include additional information about your Self-storage facility, such as photos and videos, company description, hours of operation, payment choices, and so on. This is an excellent approach to reach potential consumers while they conduct online research!

Together, all of these things determine how high your website is on the results page and increases your organic traffic. Self-storage businesses will reap the benefits from internet marketing and storage SEO experts. 


At Nu, our employees are highly trained in local search engine optimization that will ensure your self-storage company is a frontrunner in the industry.

Why You Need Self-Storage SEO

Now that you know what SEO is, why is it important? Your website must employ the proper self storage SEO methods to rank higher on Google, Bing, Yahoo, or Apple Maps. In the long run, increased web traffic generated by improved self storage SEO rankings translates to more leads and conversions.


It’s time to hire a trustworthy marketing firm if you’re prepared to start using clever self storage SEO tactics and developing an inbound marketing strategy for your small business. Remember, Nu can provide you with the high-quality self storage SEO services you need to get found online.


At Nu, we prioritize SEO for all of our clients, improving your current keyword strategy, internet presence, and brand recognition. Thanks to these services, your consumers and potential leads will be able to find your self storage business in no time. Check out our SEO plans and pricing for more information!

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