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If you’re a roofing contractor, you understand that a strong, sturdy roof is essential for supporting and protecting a house. While we don’t understand how to build, patch, or repair a roof, we do understand something else - roofing SEO.

The Definition

What Is Roofing SEO?

Roofing SEO | Search Engine Optimization for Roofers

Roofing SEO (known as search engine optimization) is the process in which your website is strategically optimized to include specific keywords throughout your website. This includes adding relevant information on your home page, service and product pages, as well as utilizing your local SEO blog.


In many ways, roofing SEO is like the roof of your website. Without a strong roofing SEO strategy, your website lacks the support it needs to rank well on Google, Bing, and other highly used search engines.


If you’re wondering just how effective your roofing SEO strategy is, we’re here to help explain what, how, and why roofing SEO works, and how implementing local SEO solutions can help you grow your business.

Your Strategy

Keep In Mind When Developing Your SEO Strategy:

  • Add Roofing SEO on Relevant Webpages
    • While you should have roofing keywords on all of your webpages, it’s important to map out which words are most relevant to that particular page. For instance, you don’t want to talk about ‘types of roof shingles’ on your roof financing page. That should be dedicated to ‘roof financing,’ and other specific services and terms that will not only increase your website’s visibility but are highly relevant to your webpage.
  • Find Keywords that can Increase SERP Ratings
    • SERP Ratings, known as Search Engine Results Page, are how you can determine the readability, strength, and success of your website. All of your webpages are read and analyzed by various search engines. The stronger and more relevant your keywords are, the easier it is to organically rank on Google. You can monitor the results of your search engine rankings using platforms like Google Analytics.
  • Use Local SEO Solutions
    • Depending on the size of your company, certain keywords called local keywords are known for boosting your SERP ratings. The reason? They’re easier to rank for compared to other, nationally ranked keywords. As a part of your roofing marketing, be sure to use local SEO keywords throughout your website, to increase your local ratings.

With the right roofing SEO strategy, you’ll be able to increase your monthly number of leads, which can also increase your overall monthly sales. Once your roofing website is optimized with the right keywords for your business, your website will eventually appear on the first page of local search results based on those relevant keywords.


However, roofing SEO strategies aren’t formed overnight. When it comes to roofing SEO, there are many possible ways to create and optimize your roofing marketing and SEO. We’re going to dive into how you can create that strategy, using a variety of platforms and approaches. Keep in mind, it takes time to craft the right strategy for your business. If you need reliable SEO marketing, SEO packages, and search engine ranking services that can grow your business, it’s best to contact an SEO specialist near you for additional assistance.

Action Steps

How to Create A Roofing SEO Strategy

It takes more than on-page SEO to truly take your business listing to the next level. In order to increase your number of keywords, roofing leads, and improve overall web traffic, you have to make a smart SEO strategy that further develops the number of keywords on your website.


First thing’s first, let’s find a way to start, and assess, roofing SEO on your website.

Roofing SEO | Search Engine Optimization for Roofers

Developing Your Local SEO Strategy

When it comes to keyword research, there are two ways to approach your SEO strategy: national keyword rankings and local keyword rankings.


As you can guess, national keywords are phrases that rank best on the national level, such as ‘roof repairs’ or ‘damaged roof.’ While it’s important to use these phrases throughout your website, you’ll be competing against big companies who have the resources and finances to stay on page one of Google, despite your best efforts.


When it comes to SEO strategies, it’s all about balance, which is why it’s best to use local SEO in your SEO strategy. Local SEO pinpoints your business location to a target area. Whether that is a city, county, or state, it’s going to help narrow down and promote your overall SEO rankings as a business.

Ultimately, it’s about finding a strategy that works best for you, and your business. However, optimizing your website for ‘roof repairs in North Carolina,’ verses the term ‘roof repairs,’ is going to benefit you in the long run.


Personally, we recommend developing a keyword strategy that focuses primarily on local keywords, to help double your efforts and overall rankings. At Nu, our SEO packages include keyword research that will help your company gain long-tail keywords, technical keywords, and on-page SEO optimization that will achieve the results you’ve been looking for. 


We believe roofing SEO shouldn’t have to be complex – all it takes is the right SEO tactics and a little bit of time. With the right SEO company in Winston Salem, you’ll be able to achieve the SEO results you’ve been looking for.


Unlike other SEO agencies, Nu promises growth guaranteed to all our clients. We take your goals seriously and will develop an SEO campaign around your personal goals, and practical roofing SEO needs.

Where to Optimize Roofing SEO

Now that we’ve discussed how you can implement roofing SEO strategies, let’s dive into where you can begin implementing those strategies. As a roofing business, there are several ways you can draw in customers within, and outside of your SEO strategy. For instance, roofing advertising is a great way to promote your business on search engines, that will appear among multiple search engines.

Roofing SEO | Search Engine Optimization for Roofers

To begin ranking for the specific keywords on your website, optimizing your on-site SEO can be done in several ways, such as:

  • Content Optimization
    • Content is one of the most effective ways to include keywords on your website. A smart way to begin is by developing a content marketing strategy, which can focus on a select group of keywords you want to rank for. Whether that means you’d like to bulk up your roofing services page or develop a local SEO blog all about basic roof repairs, these are great ways to begin increasing the number of keywords on your website.
    • CTA’s (call to actions) are commonly used throughout your website, typically at the bottom of a webpage or service page. CTA’s are a great way to entice buyers to try a product or benefit from a promotional code or free service.
    • Title tags, meta descriptions, headers, and footers are also great places to include keywords and draw in your reader.
  • Keyword Choice
    • Choosing the right keywords is essential when it comes to building your roofing SEO strategy. It’s important to select keywords related to your roofing services, location, and incorporate them in natural ways throughout your website.
  • Adding Customer Reviews
    • Nothing gives customers peace of mind quite like customer reviews. Adding customer reviews throughout your website is going to encourage leads to research your products and services.
  • Images
    • Images are a great way to connect your customers to your work, so they can remain up to date with all of your current projects. Plus, using relevant alt image texts can boost your use of keywords.
  • Measuring Web Analytics
    • The only way you’ll be able to know how well your roofing SEO, local SEO blog, and roofing marketing is performing is by analyzing your web traffic. Platforms like Google Analytics are a great way to measure your current success, so you can see where it’s possible to improve your SEO strategy.
  • Web Design
    • While this isn’t directly related to SEO, your website design is your customers’ first impression of your company. It has the ability to impact your overall traffic and either increase or decrease your site bounce rate. Without a clear, distinct website with easy to follow headers and attractive graphics, your website might confuse your customers.

Off of your website, there are several other SEO strategies you can follow that will bring your website additional traffic, and rank for the right keywords, including:

Roofing SEO | Search Engine Optimization for Roofers
  • Link Building
    • Linking to other authoritative websites on Google is known as link building, which can help validate your domain and overall roofing SEO.
  • Google My Business
    • One of the best ways to increase your roofing SEO traffic is by utilizing your Google My Business account. Once you’ve claimed your domain and location on Google Maps, you can use roofing keywords throughout your business services, description, questions and answers, along with daily posts onto Google My Business.
  • Social Media
    • To help send visitors to your website, take advantage of your social media accounts. You can attract new leads to your roofing website, just by interacting with them on various platforms.

Convinced Yet?

Why You Need Roofing SEO

If you’ve been asking yourself why roofing SEO matters, the answer is clear. In order to rank higher on Google, Bing, Yahoo, or Apple Maps, your website needs to utilize the right roofing SEO strategies. Higher roofing SEO rankings mean increased web traffic, which generates more leads and sales for your roofing business in the long run!

At Nu, we make search engine optimization a priority for all our clients, by improving your current SEO keyword strategy, online presence, and brand awareness. By performing these services, your customers and potential leads are going to be able to find your roofing company in no time.


If you’re ready to start implementing smart roofing SEO strategies and develop an inbound marketing strategy for your small business, it’s time to work with a reliable marketing company.

inbound marketing | Strategy team

At Nu, our team comprises of several SEO professionals who are experienced in the home service industry and consistently work with roofing contractors on their SEO strategy. If you’re ready to start optimizing your roofing SEO and website, contact us today to schedule your discovery call. We provide a variety of services, such as:

  • Roofing SEO in Winston Salem NC
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  • Roofing Marketing
  • Roofing Ads on Google and Facebook
  • SEO Marketing
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Ready to work with an inbound marketing agency that offers complete transparency? Learn more about our innovative inbound marketing services, and see how we promise to uphold growth guaranteed promise to you.