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Pay Per Click Ads

Paid Ads Through Google and Social Media

What Is PPC?

Using Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads

Pay per click advertising, or PPC for short, is when advertisers pay a fee based on every click their ad receives. The term PPC can apply to paid digital marketing campaigns through Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites, as well as advertising on Google or Bing.


A good PPC strategy can draw significant attention through the use of display ads on search engine results pages, which are optimized to reach as broad an audience as possible. The benefit of this particular model is that you only pay for ads that generate leads to your landing pages, meaning every ad you pay for has attracted at least one person to your domain. 

Why PPC Is Good For Your Business

PPC is great for reaching people that are actively searching for terms related to your business. With Google and Bing ads directly targeted to the audience you’re trying to attract, you’re in a much better position to generate inbound traffic. It essentially ensures that your ads will be placed in front of the most relevant match types, meaning there’s a higher chance of attracting new customers and justifying your expense. 

  • Use SEO to your advantage
  • Generate traffic that’s relevant to your business
  • Only pay for ads that bring in traffic

How To Apply It

Effective Inbound Marketing

The purpose of PPC, as it relates to inbound marketing, is that it both limits your expenses and broadens the reach of your ads. When a customer is searching for specific terms, they’re going to be shown ads relevant to what they’re looking for. With PPC, your brand is visible to anyone searching for your specific terms whether they click or not. In other words, you’re still getting your name out without necessarily paying for everyone that looks at your ad. With an optimal marketing strategy, you’ll still get enough clicks to significantly increase traffic to your landing pages and grow your clientele as a result.


It’s a win-win scenario for you and your prospective customers. For them, they’re being shown an ad that relates specifically to what they’re looking for. For your business, you’re reaching new customers consistently and only paying for ads that increase traffic to your site. 


  • Choose a format or preference that speaks to your brand.
  • Reach customers on multiple devices including tablets and smartphones.
  • Set budget limits to ensure you spend only as much as you need.
  • View analytics to measure the impact of your ads and get to know your demographic.
  • View and request change any time if you feel your ads should be tweaked.

We’ll work together to select the most relevant options for your business, and keep you fully updated on the status of your campaign. Contact us for any questions or concerns, and learn more about what a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy can do for you.