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Local SEO Services

If you’re unfamiliar with local SEO services, it’s time to change that. Small businesses and local SEO go together like bread and butter, PB and J, peas and carrots…you get the picture. Here’s what we’re getting at: in order for a small business to see consistent growth and success, local SEO services are a fundamental part of achieving those results. Without it, you’ll have one slice of bread that doesn’t leave you fully satisfied – or in the case of your business, a website and business profile that isn’t optimized for your location!


Before we dive deep into the mechanics of local SEO services or make anyone hungry, we want to cover the basics. What is local SEO? Why is localized SEO an important part of your small business? Most of all, how can a local SEO services company take you from a page two ranking all the way to the top of Google’s local three-pack? We’re going to unpack all that, and why in the world of local SEO, it’s good to have experts by your side.

Let's Define

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is the process of optimizing your website for specific, location-based keywords.

With this increase in local keywords, your business will see an increase in visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs). Local SEO is must-have when it comes to increasing local rankings on Google, specifically in the home service industry. 


For a better look at how local SEO works, let’s take a look at a realistic local search engine query. 


If a customer needs recessed lighting installed in their kitchen, chances are they will probably search for ‘electrican near me’ or ‘elecrician in Winston Salem’ before they search for ‘electrician in North Carolina’. 


The issue with that last search is that the consumer will have a wide range of results to pick from, and chances are, the closest result won’t be the first result. Rather than waste time researching, a consumer is more likely to narrow down their search results from the start by typing in location-specific information – also known as, local SEO.


Hopefully, this explains why local SEO is so important. As a business owner, it allows you to reach more potential customers, increases the overall visibility of your business, and can ultimately increase your total revenue.

For Small Business Owners

Why are Local SEO Services Important?

Local SEO Services

Nowadays, consumers go to the internet for everything. We either say, “Hey Siri,’ or go to Google’s search bar to find the answers we’re looking for. Local SEO is essential for these instances, because if Google finds the right localized keywords on your website, or Google My Business profile, then you’re guaranteeing your business is at the top of Google’s search results.


Without the right local keywords and optimization on your website, and GMB account, consumers aren’t going to see your website at the top of their search results – they’re going to see your competitors. 


This is why local SEO is so important. Instead of letting the competition get the better of you, we have a few suggestions that can set you down the path to SEO success, before you even touch your website.

In order to truly master Google, it’s important to understand what Google likes and dislikes – and Google loves nothing more than it’s own services. Google has created an incredible feature that helps consumers and business owners, called Google My Business. For those who are unfamiliar with Google My Business, we have plenty of resources available (like our GMB webinar) that can help you learn the basics. But, to sum up GMB, it’s like a small business cheat sheet for consumers. It gives consumers all the answers and info they need about a business, without having to click on the website itself.


Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? As a local SEO services company, that specializes in small business SEO, we’re pretty big fans of GMB. 


However, before Google can inform your customers about your business, some groundwork needs to be done first.

Claim or Set Up a Google My Business Profile

  • A Google My Business Account is the first step in increasing your business’s ranking on Google. If you haven’t claimed your GMB profile, your business is just floating around Google without a location, store hours, and other relevant information.
  • As a local SEO company that focuses on small business SEO, part of our job is getting your Google My Business account off the ground and fully running – however, the first step is the easiest! Simple claim, and then set up your Google My Business profile, providing basic info like contact information, store hours, and most importantly, your store location.

Enter Google’s Local 3 Pack

  • The local 3 pack is the place to be – it’s the top three local search results on Google. These search results are based on the business’s location, and it’s relevance to the customer. Basically, if you’re an electrician whose optimized your GMB account for your store location, you’re going to appear in Google’s local three pack. However, it takes a lot of work to enter the three pack. Your information, reviews, services, as well as website, needs to be 100% optimized.

Use Google’s Local Service Ads

  • Google Local Service Ads are an easy way to attract new customers. Essentially, local service ads pop up at the top of Google’s search results and are designed to encourage customers to click on your business before rival companies.
  • Your ad will appear on Google, and other local search engines when someone searches for your specific service or industry.
  • You’ll only pay when a lead, who has clicked your ad, becomes a customer. You can provide Google (or your local SEO service company) a budget, that Google will use to fund your local service ads. Once the budget is used, you can choose your next approach to Google’s Local Service Ads, and study how successful your results are.

As you can see, local SEO services provide plenty of opportunities for small businesses to grow, develop, and promote themselves on a variety of platforms. Your website isn’t the only way to develop your business – Google My Business services are a great way to rank your website.

How does Local SEO Help Bring in New Customers?


Local SEO is small business’ secret weapon for a number of reasons. The secret to localized SEO is this: consumers have been searching for your company for months (or years!) already. You just haven’t been found by all your potential customers just yet. 


Local SEO helps consumers find your business by providing them with the relevant information they’re looking for on Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Local SEO is a more targeted approach than a typical Google search, or getting out a phone book and making calls. Even if you’re potential lead doesn’t end up making a purchase online, over 70% of customers will complete a purchase in stores. They just needed the initial information that Google gave them – and that all starts with your website and Google My Business profile!

Local SEO Services | New Customers

In addition to providing your customers with the answers they’re already searching for, local SEO services can:

Use Google’s Local Service Ads

  • Your business will have additional online exposure because of this more targeted approach to SEO. By including specific, industry, and product-related keywords, you’ll be able to increase your total exposure online. You’ll see an increase in your online position, which will increase your total exposure.

Additional Leads

  • With your website’s newfound visibility, your potential customers won’t have to search past page one to find your business. Increased web visibility will help new leads, who didn’t see your business prior to local SEO optimization, see your business at the top of their search results. This exposure alone will increase your number of qualified leads, which will increase your number of new and returning customers. Plus, you’ll see an overall higher lead conversion rate, simply because your company has the exposure it needs.

Informs Leads

  • Sometimes, customers just want answers. By including local SEO on your website and GMB profile, you’re helping your customers get the answers they’ve been looking! Localized SEO just strengthens your customers’ confidence in your business, and will send them to your website or storefront in no time.

Increased Web Traffic

  • The increase in online visibility and Google search rankings also means you’ll see a dramatic uptick in web traffic – and who doesn’t love that?! Your newfound search engine rankings will create an uptick in desktop traffic, but even more so among mobile users. Since local SEO is particularly helpful for individuals on the go, you’ll see a dramatic increase in mobile traffic as users search for your services.

You’ll Be Next to the Competition

  • Instead of fighting to get to page one, you’ll be neck in neck with the competition. The Google local three pack puts you neck in neck with your top competitors, leaving all decision making up to the consumer.
  • To give yourself an edge, it’s important to include and encourage Google reviews from your customers. Having more positive reviews against your competitors will give your business additional leverage over the competition – because customers love nothing more than positive reviews.

Differentiate Yourself

How to Stand Out Against the Competiton on Google

The thing with local SEO is that now, everyone’s starting to clue in about how powerful localized SEO services are. More small businesses are doing their own research, or turning to local SEO marketing, to promote their business. So, how do you stand out against the competition? By making a stronger first impression.


Studies show that 97% of consumers don’t go past page one on Google, so if you’re at the top of page two, your business still won’t have the visibility you need to stand out against the competition. Hence, the importance of the first impression, or in this case the first page. You have to be either at the top of Google’s search results, or in the local Google 3 pack, to hold your own against the competition.


Today, over 46% of searches are localized according to Google, meaning that you’ll see more traffic and gain additional leads with a localized approach to SEO. The more specific your location, the better rewarded you’ll be. Targeting specific geographic locations means you’ll get more reliable leads, who are more likely to commit to booking a service or completing a purchase.

In order to stand out to the competition, it’s important to claim and optimize your Google My Business listing. This is the fastest way to improve your rankings and stand your own against the competition. The more you optimize your account for local SEO, the better off you’ll be.


However, sometimes, it’s tough to go it alone. That’s why a local SEO services company that specializes in local SEO, SEO marketing, and offers a variety of SEO packages, can be a huge advantage. They know how to treat your small business like their own, and optimize your website for local SEO – and at Nu, that’s exactly how we approach local SEO.


How can we do that? By focusing on the pillars of local SEO services: Google My Business, localized content, web optimization, and adding your business to large social platforms.

Get Started

Get Down to Business with Google My Business

The first step in localization is creating a Google My Business account. At Nu, we go over all the Google My Business basics with our clients and optimize their profile for success.


This includes:

  • Completing basic business information
    • Location, Business Hours, Contact Information
  • Including a business description, filled with local SEO keywords
  • Adding relevant business categories, directly related to your business
  • Including updated photos and videos of your company or services
  • Scheduling GMB posts that promote your business, content, and resources
  • Adding commonly asked questions and answers to your profile
  • Monitoring and asking for additional Google reviews from customers
  • Making sure your business is recognized in Google Maps
Local SEO Services

Once your Google My Business profile has been set up, we will continue to optimize your account for local SEO keywords and small business SEO strategies, so your business eventually appears in Google’s three pack. Optimizing your Google My Business profile won’t just increase your online visibility – it’s the best way to compete with your local competitors.




For more information about our Google My Business services, review the following resources:


The Advantage of Google Local Service Ads


For small businesses, particularly home service providers, local service ads can provide your business with a huge advantage. Local service ads have increased ranking on local Google search results, and they provide leads with more insight into your business.

Anyone who searches for local plumbers, remodelers, or real estate agents won’t just see Google’s local three pack – they’ll also see Google’s local service ads. If the searcher clicks on the ad, Google will prompt them with a few questions based on their location and service needs to see if they are a fit for your business. If they do, you’ll pay for the ad, but if they don’t, Google won’t charge you for the PPC Advertising (pay per click).


Google’s local service ads were basically designed for home service providers and small businesses, so consumers and businesses can find what they’re looking for. If you’re a small business owner in the home service industry, Google service ads not only increases your exposure – it also ensures you’re getting the most qualified leads directly from Google.

Take Things to the Next Level

Strengthen SEO with Content Marketing

There’s an expression in inbound marketing that says ‘content is king,’ but content can only be king if it’s fully optimized. As an inbound marketing company that knows a thing or two about local SEO, and content marketing, you can’t have one without the other.


Content marketing is essential for local SEO optimization because it seamlessly integrates local keywords within your website content! Instead of forcing local SEO into your website, content gives you the ability to integrate local SEO onto your website through product pages, service pages, blog posts, and landing pages. Plus, it’s one of the tried and true methods of increasing your local search engine rankings.

At Nu, we develop content marketing strategies that enhance our clients local SEO rankings through a few smart steps:

Keyword Research

  • Based on your business’s industry and services, our team of local SEO experts will develop keyword research and strategize, based on what your current and target customers are searching for.

Content Optimization

  • Existing content on your website will be optimized for local SEO services, so your business listing increases in visibility. Also, we include Google reviews throughout your business’s website, to help leads feel confident in your customer service.

Google My Business Posts

  • One of the biggest local SEO assets? Google My Business posts! They are completely free and let small businesses post relevant content, promotions, or resources onto their GMB account. The best part? Posts stay on your GMB account, which can help your business gain online visibility. By including relevant keywords in these posts, Google will reward you by increasing your local ranking.

Content Creation

  • We will develop new content related to your industry and location, on platforms like your blog and product pages, that will increase your business’s standing in local search engines.

Location Location Location

  • Where it’s relevant, we will include your business location in title tags, headers, footers, meta descriptions – anything boosts your local SEO rankings. We understand the importance of using SEO to increase your online rankings, without overwhelming your webpage with too many keywords.


  • Backlinks from authoritative domains help increase your website’s reputation and credibility with Google. As part of our content strategy, we will find credible backlinks to include in your website content, to increase your local SEO rankings.

Your Website Should Work For You

Optimize Your Website Design to Generate and Convert Leads

So, with your newfound authority on Google, and local SEO based content marketing, you should be unstoppable, right? Well, not quite. Getting them to your website is only half the battle – your website still needs the structure, relevance, and authority to convert those leads into customers. Luckily, we can help with that too.


As a local SEO company, part of our services includes developing lead generating websites that are designed to convert leads into customers. That means we won’t just optimize your web content – we’ll optimize, design, and even rebuild your entire website.

Part of designing a lead generating website means taking a unique, personalized approach to every business, but with every client, we complete services such as:

Web Optimization

  • We will optimize your website with graphics, images, and local SEO, so you continuously entice your visitors to stay and make a purchase.

Navigation Improvements

  • If it’s difficult to follow your navigation or web header, that’s going to send your customers running right out the competition. Simplifying the navigation will make your website more appealing and approachable to customers, so they know exactly where to go when they need to learn about a service.

Product Page Optimization

  • Product pages will be optimized for relevancy, and localized SEO, so your customers can find your business faster while getting every detail they need about your products and services.

Landing Page Optimization

  • Don’t have location-based landing pages? We can either create – or optimize – landing pages to include local keywords.

Tracking Web Success

  • We will track your newly optimized website on both desktop and mobile, to see how things are going. This included monitoring your keyword rankings, and competitor’s data.

Simplify Checkout

  • If you have an eCommerce website, checkout needs to be easy-breezy for your customers – or else you’ll have one too many abandoned carts. By simplifying your online checkout, your customers will make it all the way to the finish line (which means increased revenue for you!).

The Finishing Touches

Online Profiles and Reviews

Last, but certainly not least, are creating outside accounts and platforms that increase your business visibility. While it might not sound that glamorous, it’s one of the best ways you can promote your business (trust us)!


Online business profiles on Facebook, Yelp, HomeAdvisor, and Angie’s List, are going to help promote your business because, a) it’s another informative source for customers, and b) it’s another platform for users to review your business. Because those reviews matter more than you might think.


These profiles are a lot like a GMB profile. You can submit hours, your location, services, and customers have the ability to read or submit reviews to these platforms. It’s beneficial for leads to see your business on other websites besides Google, plus it gives customers more opportunities to leave reviews!


Oh, and if you don’t already, it’s time to ask your customers for reviews. Reviews make all the difference when it comes to your standing on Google. For instance, if you want to enter the Google three pack for your industry, it’s not enough to have a few good reviews. You’ll need dozens of four and five-star reviews in order to pack a punch on Google. So, do yourself a favor and ask your customers to leave positive reviews. Your social media accounts are a great way to incentivize customers or consider a friendly drip email campaign. Offer a promo code or discount to really get the reviews rolling in. 


The finishing touches really do matter, and in this case, it’s your online business profiles and reviews. Don’t wait to wrap up your local SEO services campaign – ask for reviews and create these profiles, so you’re on the right track for localized SEO success.

The Down-Low

The Benefits of Hiring a Local SEO Company

Still on the fence about whether or not you need to hire a local SEO company? Well, besides optimizing your website, and content strategy, they also:

1. Increase Online Visibility for Local Customers

In case you forgot, about 97% of online consumers search for local services first, and 95% of these people don’t proceed past the first page. By now, you probably get the picture. It’s essential to be number one for a number of reasons. Optimizing your website, Google My Business profile, and appearing in local search directories just means you’ll increase your total search visibility on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other popular search platforms. Local SEO will help raise your rankings on the platforms your consumers uses on a daily basis, so they won’t have to search for your website.



2. Increases Web Traffic, which can Generate More Leads and Sales from Local Customers

By increasing your local SEO services and visibility online, you can increase your total annual revenue (and who doesn’t love an increase in revenue?!). By ranking well in your local city or county, you can eventually expand your reach to local nearby cities. Eventually, expanding your localized SEO and search visibility will attract new customers who are looking for industry experts, meaning your business is going to see an increase in total traffic and revenue!



3. We’ll Plan a Targeted Geographic SEO Campaign

We make sure our clients have hyper-personalized online exposure – meaning, we customize our approach when it comes to your business. With our personalized approach to local SEO, we will create a campaign that targets your ideal geographical client.



4. Stand Out from Your Local Competitors

Currently, less than 50% of businesses utilize local SEO services. Why they don’t is beyond us, because local SEO services provide the perfect opportunity for small businesses to stand out. You’ll rise to the top of local searches, as well as social media, maps, and search directories.


As a local SEO company, Nu can help increase total traffic to your website, raise your rankings in search engines, which means you’ll start seeing increases in your gross sales. If you’re ready to see a difference in your online SEO exposure, it’s time to contact us for customized SEO strategies, a classic web design, or proven local marketing tactics.

digital marketing agency

Ready to work with the Local SEO Experts?


At Nu, we offer a wide range of local SEO services, such as:

  • Analyzing your website
  • Brainstorming SEO strategies
  • Creating a custom local SEO campaign
  • Editing and Optimizing your website and Google Accounts for SEO
  • Monitoring your keyword success
  • Detailed reports on your campaign

As a local SEO company, we make it our mission to provide SEO packages full of local SEO services, and small business SEO. Don’t wait to see how your business fairs against local competitors – now’s the time to develop your own local SEO solution! To learn more about our pricing, review our local SEO Packages.