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Lead Generation

There are countless lead generation tools that convert the right people from prospective customers into someone interested in what you have to offer.

Lead generation is one of the most important aspects of any effective marketing strategy. Not only do you need a steady stream of leads coming into your company’s sales funnel, but you also need to identify where each lead is currently located in the buyer’s journey, and accurately qualify your prospective customers to avoid wasted effort.


With such factors in mind, you can see that lead generation can become very complicated, very quickly. What are some ways to streamline and optimize the lead generation process?

Utilize Lead Magnets

One of the most effective ways to generate new leads is via a well-designed lead magnet. This usually takes the form of an “exchange” between you and the prospect.


For instance, in return for the free download of an eBook, you may ask the prospect to fill out a brief form that will store his/her name and email address. Free webinars, assessments, quizzes, and special offers are other common examples of lead magnets.


What are some of the benefits associated with using such lead magnets? For one thing, you are in effect generating and qualifying leads at the same time. Generally speaking, users that respond to lead magnet offers can at least be considered “warm leads,” and you can work to move them further down the funnel.


Furthermore, lead magnets offer a highly quantifiable method of lead generation, which you will be able to measure, analyze, and adjust as needed.

Implement Lead Scoring

Another key methodology for optimized lead generation is the implementation of a lead scoring model. Lead scoring is basically a way to classify leads according to their likely value to your company.


As an example, a prospect that signs up for your company’s newsletter may gain 5 points on your lead scoring scale. Someone that subscribes to your YouTube channel may earn 10 points. A user that downloads your business’ free eBook and provides you with his/her email address may gain an additional 15 points. As you can see, high lead scores will help your sales/marketing team to prioritize high-value prospects.


In contrast, leads that score negatively (e.g., prospects that unsubscribe to your email marketing list, or unfollow your company on social media) can quickly become drains on your time and resources. Thus, low lead scores also serve as a protection against wasted effort.

Optimizing Your Lead Generation Strategy

Of course, there are dozens and dozens of lead generation tactics that we could discuss. For instance, there is the technical side of things: you must compile and maintain lists of generated leads, design and implement effective transition protocols for customers moving from the marketing funnel stages down to the sales side, and so on.


While lead generation can be complicated, our team of digital marketing experts at Nu Agency will help you to keep things simple. Our growth-oriented methodology allows us to tailor lead generation strategies according to the specific needs of each client. Our CRM software helps you to keep track of customer interactions, and our experience in lead generation tactics helps you to focus on quality over quantity.


If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of partnering with us, reach out to our team at Nu today.