ClickCease Increase the Power of Marketing Using the HubSpot Flywheel

Increase the Power of Marketing Using the HubSpot Flywheel

Not long ago, advertising and marketing to others meant that we wanted people to funnel into becoming a purchaser. We wanted to use a marketing strategy to get a lot of people into the top of our funnel. The hope was that a few would come through the other end.

We had to hope the consumer would go on with their product. Enjoy it. And perhaps cycle back around to the top to make other purchases.


It worked. Sometimes. It was not always perfect or foolproof. The traditional funnel wasn’t keeping up.


Today, more and more business owners are increasing the power of marketing. They do it by using the HubSpot Flywheel method of attracting and keeping clients.

The Improved Buyer's Journey

The marketing funnel was effective at one time. We called out to consumers. We impressed them. They became consumers and then dropped out of the funnel.


The deal was finished. Everyone was content. If we waited, eventually that client would return to see what more you had to offer them.


In cyberspace, word of mouth plays a massive role in gaining customers for online industries. Implementing it may seem tricky at first, but it is worth it.


The sales team you have already established will work to attract a customer. That consumer will consider the product, its pros and cons, and whether they want it or not.


If everything looks good and their questions are being answered. They will take the next step. They make a purchase.


Throughout each of these stages, the buyer’s journey is pushing them in a certain direction. You do not want them to deviate from the path.


With the old idea, once their purchase was complete, they stepped out of the funnel. Now, your marketing team can continue to touch base, educate, and inform them.


If it is being used properly, the marketing flywheel does not allow customers to simply step away from the company at the end of the transaction. They complete the purchase, spread the word, and encourage others to take part in their own buyer’s journey.

Does It Work for All Businesses?

The Flywheel’s invention is credited to James Watt, but it is CEO Brian Halligan that perfected the idea of it as it pertains to the business world. Just as a flywheel gains momentum with every turn, a flywheel model for your business can do it.


When your marketing and sales attract, engage, and delight clients who take part in the sales process, they will share their experiences with others. It’s shared with friends and family or it’s talked about on social media.


The momentum you build by getting existing customers to have a good experience with you will result in them fueling your business. They tell others about their own customer experience. They give more power to your sales process.


It means you now have people coming to you. They are viewing product pages or services pages without you asking them to.


If you can delight customers with your expertise, they will view you as an authoritative figure.  Once trust is established, they will become buyers. Even if they are not ready to buy today, the wheel is already turning. The faster it turns, the more your clients are working to grow your business.

Put the HubSpot Flywheel to Use

No one goes into business to be, “Ok” at it. We all want success. The flywheel relies on your content marketing to get the flywheel turning. However, you have to do your part.


You need powerful inbound marketing techniques. The sales funnel may work to get you rolling, but growing means you must focus on:

  • Building a Solid Sales Team
  • Making Everything “Consumer Friendly”
  • Provide Engaging Content for Learning
  • and Provide Clients with a Happy Buyer’s Journey

We know what makes inbound methodology work. We can help you implement it within your business so that your flywheel can keep turning and your business can keep growing. To learn more, contact us.