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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you build websites?


We’ve built close to 400 websites over the course of our history as a company! Your website should be
earning you business! Your website should be treated like an employee that is working 24/7 to earn you business. If your website is attractive but not converting, you’re losing precious leads and future revenue.


What are your prices?

Pricing is generally the #1 question that we get and many marketing agencies have complicated plans that are difficult to understand.  With Nu, we keep things simple,  transparent, and growth guaranteed!


Do you have contracts?

We offer both annual and month-to-month agreements. Business today often requires turn-on-a-dime changes! For that reason, we believe you should be able to decide wether a month-to-month or annual agreement provides you the best opportunities for your business to scale and reach your intended goals. By selecting the annual agreement, you will get more for your investment!  While, choosing the monthly option, it will allow you to scale and adapt to trends in your industry.


Do you offer a guarantee?


Learn more about our guaranteed growth.

When will I see results?

This is a great question!

The first 90 days are critical to setting the foundation! 

  • The first month is dedicated to the on-boarding process.
  • The second month we will build your first campaign.
  • The third month we will measure and tweak.

If you’re looking for a magic bullet or overnight results, we aren’t going to be a good match!  Our clients typically begin to see results within 4-6 months of the start date with increasing momentum exponentially each and every month.

What is HubSpot?

HubSpot is a marketing automation software that helps our team complete the tasks and provide reporting on the results that we achieve.

What is SEO?

Who can you help?

We’ve worked with hundreds of unique businesses over the span of 20 years. However, we identified that more than 70% of our clients were from this niche so we decided to narrow our focus!


Inbound marketing is perfect for any business that needs to educate the buyer along the buyers journey.  We love to work with business owners and marketing managers who align with our values and are a good fit! Send Brian an email to and tell him your industry and we’ll see if we should continue the conversation.


p.s. We are unable to service industries such as gambling, pornography, or ones with illegal activities. 

Do you outsource? Who will be working on my projects?

95% of the work that is done for our clients is completed by our in-house salaried team! However, we do have strategic partners who do occasionally help.  But don’t worry, we keep things simple. You will have a dedicated account strategist (aka your point person) to talk with.

Does this actually work?

How much time is required?

We like to view our clients as partners because with any good relationship, it takes work from both sides to succeed. Our goal is to do as much of the heavy lifting that we can to allow you to focus on your day to day business needs!  With that being said, the first 3 months will require time from your team to help our team build the right foundation.

Once we get past the foundation, the time will subside and become more routine.