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Content Marketing

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content marketing

It Starts With Strategy

Content With A Purpose

Content marketing is an integral component of any effective inbound marketing strategy. SEO-driven, value-adding content will ensure that your readers/viewers will be able to find you, and will gain actionable benefits from what is published on your website.


At Nu, we believe that engaging, well-written, and optimized content is essential for any growth-oriented business with an online presence.

The Buyer's Journey

Moving Customers Through the Sales Funnel

One of the key objectives for content marketing should be to help move the consumer down through the sales funnel, from a prospect to a lead, and eventually to a converted customer. With this objective in mind, we work hard to deliver highly targeted content that speaks to consumers at each level of the funnel: top, middle, and bottom (also known as ToFu, MoFu, and BoFu).

  • ToFu content can include product overview pages, informational blog posts, and short videos. The objective at this stage of the funnel is to increase the customer’s awareness – either of a problem he or she is currently experiencing, or of a potential solution to that problem.
  • MoFu content helps a consumer to evaluate his options. Ebooks, fact sheets, and in-depth comparison charts are examples of typical middle-of-funnel content.
  • BoFu content is designed to convert a lead into an active customer. Content at this stage could include special offers or discounts, limited-time free trial programs, or similar conversion-centric pieces.

At some point during this “buyer’s journey” (typically in the MoFu stage), we also incorporate lead magnets to generate a higher lead volume, and thus increased follow-up from your sales department. Lead magnets are designed to capture leads (such as a consumer’s email address) in exchange for valuable content (such as access to an ebook or webinar).

Get Found

SEO-Driven Content

In addition to our sales funnel methodology, we also ensure that all of our content is SEO-driven, according to current best practices. We know that if customers can’t find your business in the first place, then they’ll never be able to purchase your product.


We research top-performing keywords and audit content pieces so that they include these specific words/phrases for the benefit of Google, or another search engine, without sacrificing the naturalness and flow of the blog or article itself. Whether you want to focus on the top-performing keywords in a particular sector, long-tail keywords for a special niche, or local SEO, we will have you covered.


Moreover, we carefully review our content prior to delivery to ensure that each piece adds real value to the customer experience. By doing so, we help you to build long-term credibility with your consumer base. Your website will also (over time) climb Google’s SERP rankings as the search engine slowly builds recognition for your company as an authority in the field.


If you’d like to learn more about the many benefits that come from partnering with us, whether in regards to content or any other aspect of digital marketing, reach out to us at Nu today.