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Buyer Persona's

A fictional, generalized representation of your ideal customer.

If you’ve operated a business for any length of time, perhaps you’ve often daydreamed about finding the “perfect customer.” You know: the one that always expresses appreciation for your product, is loyal to your brand, and produces exceptional lifetime value.

Even though it may sometimes seem like that customer doesn’t exist, there is good news. By crafting an accurate buyer persona, it is likely that you will eventually meet up with that ideal customer. And if you’ve already found one, or even several, then a buyer persona will help you to find even more.

What is a Buyer Persona?

Put simply, a buyer persona is a (partly) fictional profile of your ideal customer. Of course, this is not just a mental exercise, or a pipe dream. Rather, buyer personas are designed to give an approximately accurate depiction of individuals residing within a specific customer demographic: the one that your company should prioritize as a top target.

How Can a Buyer Persona Help Your Business?

At Nu, we’ve found that buyer personas help companies in several ways. For instance:
  • A buyer persona can inform the tone and style of your deliverable content. As an example, if your ideal customer is a thrill-seeking male in the 20-35 age range that relates to direct language, then you may decide to use bold colors as a template for your web pages, and a casual tone in your copy.
  • Buyer personas can help your marketing team identify which advertising channels will most effectively reach your target audience. For instance, you may discover during the research phase of your persona’s development that the majority of your users are on Facebook, but not on LinkedIn.
  •  “Negative” buyer personas can help you weed out “bad customers.” These could include customers that would likely be unsatisfied with your product, or would produce a low lifetime value. Identifying this type of customer can help you to streamline your efforts for optimal efficiency.

How Can You Develop an Accurate Buyer Persona?

There are several steps that you can take in order to develop a buyer persona that works for your company. Our team at Nu will help guide you through the entire process. Some aspects of research and development could include:
  • One-on-one and focus group interviews (with both “good” and “bad” customers) to dig for actionable insights
  • An open dialogue with your customer-facing sales team
  • Analysis of collected data for demographic information (e.g., what channels do most customers engage from, or what common characteristics do a majority of customers share?)

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    The beautiful thing about buyer personas is that, once established, they may only need a periodic review to ensure continued effectiveness. Moreover, you don’t need to develop 10 or 20 distinct buyer personas in order to be successful. In fact, research suggests that anywhere from 1 to 3 personas may the optimal number range for your business.


    If you’d like to learn more about how our team at Nu Agency can guide you through the persona development process, or want to look into our other digital marketing services, reach out to us today.