Carolina Custom Homes:
Case Study 1.0

Here’s a quick overview of how we’ve achieved 957% increase in leads for Carolina Custom Homes from 2017 to 2018.

Client: Carolina Custom Homes
Project Length: 1 year

What can be done in a year?

  • 957% increase in leads
  • 25% increase in sales
  • 909 total lead submissions through eBooks
  • 1 new sales team member, from our results

We’ve seen incredible growth for Carolina Custom Homes in just their first year with an inbound strategy. The creation of educational eBooks combined with other resources has led to a steady stream of leads for their business.


How did we achieve a 25% increase in sales and 957% increase in leads in one year?

A New Website

Improved Navigation 100%
Clear and Targeted Forms 100%
Enhanced Floor Plan Search Tools 100%

The new website was designed to be more than a pretty face. Improved navigation, targeted forms, and enhanced floor plan search tools made the website a lead-generation machine.

Resources That Convert

Ebooks and other educational resources were used to capture lead information via a CRM (customer relationship management) tool. Together we also developed a new, consistent blogging schedule that covered topics which answered customers’ questions and concerns about home building.


Better Content

Our eBooks and other resources were aimed at answering the questions most of their customers already had about building a home: things like buying land, finding the right floor plan, and how to budget for a new home. The more resources they checked out, the more qualified the lead!

The real appeal of ebooks and other content is that it’s evergreen: whether it’s been days, months, or even years, your content will continue to work for you. Over time, these resources will build on one another to generate better, more qualified leads for your business.


Wrapping Up

Like many things in life, inbound marketing is all about the journey, not the destination. Our next steps include implementing new strategies and practices aimed at developing a website steered by growth-driven design. That doesn’t mean we can’t stop and enjoy these numbers for a little bit though.

25% Increase in Sales
957% Increase in Leads
909 Leads From Ebooks Alone

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