Carolina Custom Homes: Case Study 2.0

Here’s a quick overview of how we’ve achieved a 74.54 % increase in customers for Carolina Custom Homes since they joined us in 2017.

Client: Carolina Custom Homes
Project Length: 2 years

Too many unqualified leads!

During the first full year of our partnership with Carolina Custom Homes, we increased their average leads from 36 to 128 leads per month (learn how we did that here). The increase in the leads were welcomed with excitement by the sales team. As we entered year two analyzed the data with their sales team and we quickly realized that their team was often bogged down with leads who we not quite ready to take their next step and move forward.

We often say when one solves a problem, it can often create another one. While we dramatically increased their leads which helped fill their future pipeline for the coming years, now the challenge was the sales team did not know which leads were the best to focus their time on.

  • Leads
255% Increase in Leads

The Solution

Created ways for visitors on the website to self qualify themselves prior to taking the next step with the sales team.

1. Service Area Checker

As the leads began to increase, the builder decided that they needed to shrink the area in which they served. Since a county name could be typed in different ways, we chose to reduce friction by creating a simple Zip Code Checker. Any new visitor to the website is prompted to enter their zip code. If it’s a zip code that they the company builds in, it encourages them to proceed. The zip code checker button is also listed in multiple areas incase someone skips over that feature.

2. Free Guide to "Can I afford to Build A House"

We developed one of our most popular guides across all of our clients for Carolina Custom Homes. It is called “Can I Afford to Build a House?”.  After doing keyword research we determined that this was one of the biggest questions that people have before building a house. This ebook has a 52% conversion rate and has been downloaded almost 1600 times.

3. Schedule a Tour

The best SQL qualifying step for their sales team is to have a prospect schedule an in person tour. During the first year when we were focused on generating a massive increase of leads, we relied on a contact form. The contact form was focused on answering the leads questions, which allowed the salesperson to try to get them to schedule a tour. This took up a lot of time.

Fast forward to year two, the contact form still exists, but we are now directing the site visitors to take better qualifying steps. Now visitors can directly schedule a tour from the website.  By utilizing the calendaring tool it reduces time and friction.

In addition, if the lead was previously know, it automatically provides the contact owners calendar. If it’s a new lead, it will rotate the leads evenly throughout the sales team.

Alternative Option

Alternatively, if the visitor is not ready to take a physical tour, we have provided the option for them to take a virtual tour. The virtual tour offers a quick video preview, but in order to view the full virtual tour, the user must provide their contact information. We utilize the forms, landing pages, workflows and emails to put these MQL’s into their own drip marketing.

4. Live Chat & Chatbots

31% of Leads Began Via Live Chat/Bots 70%
34% of Chats Became Sales Qualified Leads 80%
12.2% of Chats Lead to a Tour 50%

Oh, the power of robots (and, you know, live chat). A hefty 31% of Carolina Custom Homes’ leads started the conversation process via live chat or chat bots–hey, with numbers like that, we don’t care if robots take over the world. They’re pretty savvy customer service reps.

And it just keeps gettin’ better… 34% of the chats became a Sales Qualified Lead. Compare that to the 24% of SQLs that came from plain old forms, and we think we might be able to sway even the oldest of old school forms folks over to the land of bots and live chat.

And better… 12.2% of chats have lead to a customers scheduling a tour with Carolina Custom Homes. How often does a basic form lead to a tour? Just 5.91% of the time. Insignificant? Not at all. Can it hold a handle to 12.2%? Again, not at all.

Alright, this is getting out of hand. In fact, clients who use the live chat feature are twice as likely to schedule a tour than those who don’t–106.4 % more likely, to be exact.

One more time for the people in the back, live chat works. Those that chat are five times more likely to become a customer than those who don’t. Yeah, five times. We like those odds, too.


What can be done in two years?

  • 74.5% increase in customers
  • 83.7% increase in leads year over year
  • 10.5% reduction in traffic, but double the leads*
  • 31% of leads began via live chat/bots
  • 34% of chats became a Sales Qualified Lead
  • 12.2% of chats lead to a tour

Recap: We partnered with Carolina Custom Homes in the summer of 2017 and introduced them to the power of inbound marketing. The results? Off the charts. See them for yourself in Carolina Custom Homes’ first case study.


Wait…Carolina Custom Homes has more than one case study?
Absolutely. Here at Nu, we don’t subscribe to the humble brag. We simply celebrate our successes–loud and proud. If that means one client is so successful that it takes more than one case study to share their wins, we don’t have the slightest problem with that.

*This means that we are generating more qualified leads.


Wrapping Up

Altogether, as a result of their partnership with Nu, Carolina Custom Homes has scored the following stats, and we’ve gotta say, they’re not too shabby. Actually, they’re downright impressive. Remember, we’re not here for the humble brag. We worked hard and it paid off for our customers. We’re here to shout from the rooftops, thank you very much.

83.7% Increase in Leads
34% of Chat Became a SQL
74.5% Increase in Customers

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