How to Increase the Quality of Leads.

In most cities homeowners have many different options to choose from when selecting a company to install new countertops. Bloomday Granite & Marble did not necessarily want to increase their overall revenue by that much, but simply increase the quality of the leads.

Client: Bloomday Granite & Marble
Project Length: 1 year

The Solution

Enhance the users experience on the website to allow for better lead generation and lead nurturing. We accomplished this by developing a streamlined process to schedule free consultations from the website as well as improved navigation, important pricing information, live chat, and free guides.


Leads Would Not Come Prepared for Consultation

One of the issues that Bloomday wanted to solve was to reduce the number of consultations that occured where the home owner was not fully prepared. Replacing countertops requires a lot of planning on the front end which involves a lot of time from the sales and techs. Unprepared home owners were creating a bottleneck because they were not prepared to answer all of the necessary questions, thus taking up valuable time of the sales associates. Often homeowners would need to schedule a follow up consultation which would sometimes lead to the homeowner getting distracted and never scheduling the follow up.

By adding a page on the website dedicated to the “Free Consultation” we were able to create a better experience for the homeowner and sales team!

This page helped to:

  • Educate the homeowner on the front end on what to expect at the consultation.
  • Allow the homeowner to schedule a time that works with their busy schedule.
  • Generate leads on the website 24/7 even when the office was closed.
  • Inform the sales team so they could be prepared to greet the potential customer.

In addition …

  • We used automation tools to send a follow up email that helped the homeowner properly prepare for the consultation. In turn, this led to closing more business faster and increase profitability.
  • We sent multiple reminders of the appointment to reduce no shows.

Website Visitors Were Unsure
What Action They Should Take

3 seconds

You literally only have 3 seconds to capture someone’s attention when they arrive at your website. When designing a website, you have to think like the uneducated consumer that is visiting your website. The website visitor is coming to your website because they are not experts in what you do. It is important to avoid jargon and confusing acronyms.


In short, you need to tell the website visitor what their next steps should be.

  • Call to Action needs to be front and center.
  • Navigation needs to be easy to understand.
  • Make use of mega menus to create visuals.
  • Homepage should be focused on the high level offerings.

Website Visitors Have Questions

Website visitors often have questions, but do not want to pick up the phone and call because they are worried that they are going to be hounded by the sales team! By creating an automated bot assistant it allows visitors to self help themselves with basic questions. It is personalized and focused! And if users want to talk with a live person, they can choose to do so without being forced.

Bots can:

  • Answer basic questions.
  • Schedule appointments.
  • Generate leads.
  • Provide support.

p.s. they can do this for you 24/7


What Can be Done In Just a Few Months?

  • Quality consultations
  • Increased closed business
  • Better quality customers
  • Better conversion rates on website and consultations
  • Increased profitability
  • Better experience for homeowner

Wait ... there's more?

Absolutely. Here at Nu, we don’t subscribe to the humble brag. We simply celebrate our successes–loud and proud.


4.6% growth to 234.7%
Growth In Leads!


Wrapping Up

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