Rut Manufacturing: A Case for Better eCommerce

Rut Manufacturing came on board with Nu late in 2018 ready to sell some big equipment and meet some big goals in the process.

Client: Rut Manufacturing
Project Length: 1 year

What can be done in a year?

  • 72% increase in revenue
  • 386% increase in leads
  • 1600% increase in top 3 keywords rankings
  • Bounce rate decrease by 86.46%
  • 364.11% increase in site traffic
  • 73.79% decrease in page download time
  • 18% increase in mobile site traffic
  • 86% decrease in mobile bounce rates

Yeah, we did all of that in one year. We’re excited to keep winning alongside Rut Manufacturing, but let’s take a minute to pause, celebrate these wins, and share a little bit of how we did it. Yes, just a little bit. We can’t give all of our secrets away willy nilly on the internet.


How did we achieve a 72% increase in revenue and 386% increase in leads in one year?

Smarter SEO

1600% Increase in Keyword Ranking: Top 3 100%
220% Increase in Keyword Ranking: 4-10 70%
171% Increase in Keyword Ranking: 11-20 60%

All of these numbers shake out to a 65% increase in ranked keywords overall.Each client is different, but for Rut, these numbers are the result of organic keyword research, better internal linking, and more strategic content creation. Before a customer can buy something from an ecommerce site, they have to be able to locate the site and find the information they need, meaning that 72% increase in revenue is at least partially due to Nu’s SEO strategy.

Better Content

Sure, “better” can seem subjective. You know what isn’t subjective? Numbers. You don’t get a 354.11% increase in site traffic with mediocre blog posts, inconsistent posting, and deserted social media pages. As part of Rut’s marketing strategy, we launched a blog, developed a social media strategy, and made sure all of the client’s content and web pages are easily accessible on both mobile and desktop platforms.


% Increase in Mobile Traffic


% Decrease in Mobile Bounce Rate


% Decrease in Page Download Time


% Decrease in Bounce Rate

A Faster, More Accessible Website

Speaking of accessibility, it pays off to spend time on mobile design. The reality is, more and more folks are picking up their phones instead of their computers to buy everything from socks to excavators. There’s no doubt that the 18% increase in mobile site traffic and 86% decrease in mobile bounce rates ultimately contributed to the client’s 72% increase in revenue in just a year.

Of course, web design is still just as important as it ever was. Actually, it’s more important than it’s ever been. The 364.11% increase in site traffic would be meaningless if we didn’t also achieve a 73.79% decrease in page download time and 86.46% decrease in bounce rates. So, while strategies like pay-per-click ads, blogging, and social media brought people to the site, useful content and impressive web design kept folks on the site and ultimately led to purchases and, you guessed it, a 72% increase in revenue.


Wrapping Up

We can’t dig too deep into each of the marketing strategies used to achieve Rut’s significant boost in eCommerce, not because we wouldn’t love to geek out over the specifics, but because each of our carefully crafted initiatives work in tandem to reach our clients’ goals, and we’re trying to keep these case studies under 600 words. Our content team has some great writers, but they’re not wizards. Sheesh.

72% Increase in Revenue
386% Increase in Leads
364% Increase in Site Traffic

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