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Wanna know why most businesses are afraid to hire a marketing agency?

Bad agencies still get paid even when their marketing sucks.
In most cases, they’ve over promised and under delivered.


Most marketing companies only take the info you give them.
Making most agencies no better than the order taker at McDonald’s. The problem with this approach is, you’re not the expert in marketing, they are supposed to be!

And this is why Nu is different. 

Hey there! This is Brian, the owner & CEO here at Nu.


I am just gonna say it.
My agency knows what works.
We deliver results. We grow businesses.


If you’ve been on the fence about hiring a marketing agency.
Or wondering if yours could be doing better, then let’s chat!


Within 1 business day, of you completing our 4 minute questionnaire,  I will send you a 3 minute video about how we can grow your business.


It’s time to grow your business. Without wasting time or money.

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Who Is Nu?

Growth Driven. Data Minded.
Results focused.

When you invest in an effective marketing strategy, it should be with a growth-driven agency who is committed to your success and able to illustrate for you, your RoI. Nu is growth-minded and undertakes each company’s goals with their unique challenges at heart which produces astonishing results that we guarantee.

Case Study

1200% increase in lead generation!

The results have been off the charts which has led to an increase of 74.5% in customers over the past 2 years. Carolina Custom Homes was introduced to the Inbound methodology a couple of years ago and they haven't looked back. Better qualified leads equals a happier sales team!

Chatbots to the rescue!

A hefty 31% of Carolina Custom Homes’ leads started the conversation process via live chat or chat bots--hey, with numbers like that, we don’t care if robots take over the world. They’re pretty savvy customer service reps.
The team that is changing how businesses grow!

Our Team Members

Don't Take Our Word for It


We are an experienced agency established in 1999. Our clients have seen massive growth from the marketing efforts of Nu.

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How Much Can Your Business Grow?

With zero obligation, you can arrange to have one of our team members contact you to determine your goals in a 10-minute phone call. From there, they will discuss how to get from where you are to where you want to be. You may be surprised by the many marketing tactics you aren’t utilizing!