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As an eCommerce company, running your business shouldn’t feel like an uphill battle. Spending additional time researching new marketing leads, experimenting with SEO keywords, or finding the time to optimize your website can be exhausting, to say the least. But, the good news is, you don’t have to do all the heavy lifting alone.


At Nu, we understand that small business owners have enough on their plates. You might not have time to optimize your eCommerce website for the right SEO keywords while promoting your products, services, and tending to customers.


As eCommerce SEO experts and website designers, we realize you want your eCommerce website to be number one.

But, to get to the top of Google, sometimes it takes a team of eCommerce SEO experts and web designers to get the job done.


At Nu we don’t just focus on inbound marketing tactics – we’re also eCommerce website designers who genuinely care about the success of your small business. To us, our clients are like family. We won’t rest until you get the results you’ve been waiting for – that’s a part of our Growth Guarantee promise.


Together, we can create a lead generation website that doesn’t just generate new leads but converts those leads into long term customers. If you’re ready to take the next step forward in your business journey, then it’s time to explore the possibilities of eCommerce SEO services and website design services can take your business all the way to number one.

First Step: Define

What exactly is eCommerce?

Before we dive too deep into the world of eCommerce SEO services and website design, we wanted to explain exactly what eCommerce is, and why it’s such an asset to your business.


eCommerce stands for electronic commerce and is the process in which a consumer virtually purchases a product or service from your website. We realize that sounds pretty straightforward, but the world of eCommerce is far more complex than you think.

The reality is, no two businesses are the same, so how your business approaches eCommerce website design and SEO might not be the same as other companies. For instance, your business’s eCommerce plan could focus on a singular product, while other businesses offer multiple types of services, various subscriptions, or even online courses or seminars.


However, to set your business apart from competitors, it’s important to create an online presence and platform that can support the needs of your company – which is when eCommerce website designers and SEO services come in handy.


eCommerce SEO services are designed to give your website and Google My Business account greater online visibility and authority.

By adding industry-related keywords to your website, your products won’t just sell – you’ll convert highly qualified leads into long term customers while increasing your total revenue. By optimizing your website for eCommerce SEO, you’re opening a door that gives your customers the freedom and flexibility they’ve been looking for.


However, eCommerce SEO services can’t do all the work alone. In addition to this optimization, you’ll also need an incredible eCommerce website design. eCommerce websites are designed to guide consumers throughout their purchase experience from start to finish. A truly great eCommerce website simplifies the purchase process and makes checkout easy for customers to navigate. Plus, your customers’ positive experiences from your eCommerce website means you’ll have customers coming back to do business with your website in no time.


When you think about it, the eCommerce world truly is complex, but with the right strategies, it becomes easier to navigate.

Who To Trust

eCommerce SEO Services from the Experts

inbound marketing | Strategy team

As an eCommerce SEO agency, we realize that navigating SEO is easier said than done. However, at Nu, our goal isn’t to overwhelm you with facts, numbers, and data. It’s to implement smart keyword strategies and optimize your website, so you see the revenue and growth you’ve been waiting for.


By targeting the right keywords, your company won’t sit on page two or three of Google. Instead, you’ll see your company make its way to the top of page one, edging out your competitors over time. However, before you can knock the competition down, we have to implement a few smart eCommerce SEO services and strategies.

Our Process

What to Expect from an eCommerce SEO Agency

Lead generation is essential for healthy business growth, but if you’d like to generate qualified leads, your work will require a well-planned strategy. Our team utilizes content like eBooks and fact-sheets, email marketing, marketing automation, and other digital marketing services to generate leads and increase sales. A healthy home service website needs the right traffic, which leads to business growth and increased sales. Our lead generation services will help your ideal customer find your company and utilize your services.

Our team will strategize the best on-page and off-page SEO, so your small business is set up for success, by completing the following:

1. Research

  • Our team of web designers and graphic designers will research your competition, current keyword standings, and will formulate a plan to start enhancing your eCommerce website.
  • Together, our experts will strategize the best approach to take when it comes to your online presence, and how to improve your SEO standings.

2. Outline

  • We’ll outline targeted keywords that are relevant to your business and will map out our smart SEO strategy for your website.
  • We’ll also look at service and product-related keywords, that may or may not be on your website, and how we can incorporate them into your web content.

3. Implement

  • With a plan in place, we will implement our eCommerce SEO keywords throughout your website, using:
    • Content
      • Create informative content such as blogs, resources, infographics, and location-based landing pages that highlight your industry.
      • Include other forms of content, such as videos and eBooks, that will increase your customer conversion rate.
      • Regularly scheduled Google My Business posts, that increase your SEO standings and promote your products.


    • Products
      • Find the right keywords that highlight your products while boosting your presence on Google.
      • Incorporate long-tail keywords and industry-related phrases.
      • Include rich, keyword-heavy descriptions of your products, without keyword stuffing.
    • Navigation
      • Simplify the navigation by highlighting the most important products and resources – that happen to include important keywords

4. Optimize

  • Once we’ve gone in and added the appropriate keywords, we will continue to optimize your website by adding additional keywords and phrases to your:
    • Title Tags
    • Headers
    • Footers
    • URL
    • Image Alt Text
    • Contact Page

5. Analyze 

  • With the right strategies in place, our team will analyze your data and see which SEO strategies generated the best results.
  • We will track total traffic increase, online visibility, as well as conversion rates.

If you’re ready to see the difference in your online traffic, take the first step by working with eCommerce SEO experts who genuinely care about your success. At Nu, we don’t just call ourselves eCommerce SEO experts. We’re an agency that takes a hands-on approach when it comes to your business. From on-page optimization to Google My Business optimization, we’re here to offer our support every step of the way.

Your Website Should Work For You

Grow Your Business with eCommerce Website Designers

ecommerce web designers

If SEO is the backbone supporting your eCommerce business, then your website is the first impression. However, that first impression isn’t just based on your website’s appearance – it runs much deeper than that. The structure, layout, information, and simplicity of your website are all essential factors in keeping customers engaged, so they go all the way to checkout.


At Nu, understand that every step of the buyer’s journey matters. Confusing navigation, complex checkout, or minimal product information will send them running straight to your competitor. That’s why we’ll take the time to make your website look amazing, and 100% fully functional. Because increasing customer satisfaction and revenue matters.


As an eCommerce website design company, our goal is to create a seamless shopping experience for your customers, so you can maximize your sales and increase your annual revenue.

When we optimize your website with eCommerce design services, as part of our service, we’ll integrate Woo Commerce as your website’s online shopping platform, because of its simplicity and compatibility with WordPress. The shopping process will be seamless from start to finish, so you won’t just have satisfied customers – you’ll have repeat customers!


We understand that an eCommerce website design sounds complex at times. As part of our growth guaranteed promise to our customers, we also pledge to have total transparency – so, without further ado, let’s take look at our design process.

Behind the Scenes

Our eCommerce Website Design Process

At Nu, we have a strategy when it comes to designing your website. Before we jump feet first into redesigning your website, we’ll take the time to:

1. Ask

We’ll consult you, and recent data, about what is or isn’t working on your current eCommerce website. From there, we’ll start researching and strategizing what your website needs to be 100% successful, asking ourselves the tough questions to guarantee your success.

2. Answer

Once we determine the needs of your eCommerce website, we will answer the tough questions by implementing new website designs, to make sure your website is geared towards the needs of your customers.

3. Innovate

We’re all about innovative solutions at Nu, so our team of eCommerce website designers will collaborate on how to find unique, yet effective, solutions for your website. Whether that means designing new graphics, writing one of a kind content, or reconfiguring your website’s navigation, we’re here to help you every step of the way.

4. Create 

After we find the best eCommerce website solutions for your company, we’ll create things like new web content, additional online resources, and optimize your entire website to be easily navigated.

5. Monitor

Our team will monitor the success of your website, by tracking your web bounce rate, total online purchases, and increased web traffic via desktop and mobile.

Additionally, we can design other web features such as promotional graphics, shipping pop-ups, social media updates and integration, as well as including previous customer reviews throughout your website.


Once we’re done optimizing your website, our team of e-commerce web designers will continue to monitor the success of your website against local competitors. Optimizing your website can be an undertaking if you go it alone. The advantages of working with an eCommerce website design company mean you’ll have far less to worry about, but still get the results you’ve been waiting for.

Get to work with an eCommerce Website Design Company and SEO Experts

eCommerce can be overwhelming at times, but with eCommerce SEO experts and web designers by your side, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Together, we can optimize your website so reach page one of Google in no time.


As an eCommerce website design company and SEO agency, Nu’s priority is providing your company with the groundwork it needs to succeed. At Nu, getting results matter, but we also personalize and approach every client’s needs differently. As a part of our growth guaranteed promise, we’ll optimize, strategize, and approach your company as if it was our own, so you get the results you’ve been looking for.


If you’re ready to work with a reliable eCommerce website design company, and eCommerce SEO experts, nows the time to request a free assessment with Nu. As an eCommerce SEO agency and website design company, we love getting to provide our clients with reliable services.


Want to learn more about our process? Explore our marketing services to learn exactly how we grow eCommerce businesses.