How Two Clients Turned Chats into Tours with Help from Nu

Using chatbots and live chat to increase appointment bookings and improve site conversion rates.

Client #1: A Home Builder with Too Many Leads to Handle
Client #2: A Property Investor Looking to Attract Renters

Which Do You Prefer?

Calling a company on the phone, or connecting via chat? Studies show that if your answer was chat, you’re in good company. When you expand the options available and allow your prospects to connect with you in the way they want to communicate, the user experience improves and conversion rates soar.


Chat bots and live chat functions are quickly becoming as essential to a website as a navigation menu. Here’s what they can do for your business:

  • Increase efficiency by reducing the time your team spends on repeat questions and inquiries.
  • Reduce friction by providing choices and allowing site visitors to use their preferred method of communication.
  • Increase conversion rates by encouraging action and providing the information your potential customers need to make informed decisions.


Take a look at how two of our clients filled their calendars with bookings after partnering with Nu to implement live chat and chat bot features on their website.


A Home Builder with Too Many Leads to Handle

The Challenge: A huge influx of unqualified leads was clogging up the sales pipeline.

‘Too many leads’ sounds like a good problem to have, but the client’s sales team struggled to keep up with contacting incoming leads and sorting through those who were unqualified.

The Goal: Increase the quality of incoming leads by encouraging them to schedule tours of demo homes.

The Solution: Implement live chat and chat bots to help qualify leads and schedule tours.

Automation was the key factor behind our strategy. We set out to create a system that requires minimal effort from the already busy sales staff but which would help answer questions and further qualify users during their buyer’s journey.

The Results:

It didn’t take long at all for more tours to be scheduled and a higher number of Sales Qualified Leads to start coming down the client’s pipeline. 10 months in, here’s the data we saw:

  • 31% of incoming leads began the conversation via live chat / bots
  • 34% of chat conversations became a Sales Qualified Lead
    (Compared to 24% via forms.)
  • 12.% of chats turned into a schedule tour
    (And 10.7% of those tours turned into customers!)
  • Those that chat are 106.4% more likely to schedule a tour
  • Those that chat are 5x as likely to become a customer.

Incoming leads began the conversation via live chat / bots

Chat conversations became a Sales Qualified Lead

Chats turned into a schedule tour


A Property Investor Looking to Attract Renters

The Challenge: Find a way to increase bookings for tour appointments for various apartment buildings

Our client managed multiple properties and had the same problem across the board: Their websites weren’t making it easy for people to get in touch to schedule a tour. People had to call or fill out a form.

The Goal: Increase the number of tours scheduled by making it easier for visitors to do so.

The Solution: Live chat and automated chat bots.

By providing a way for site visitors to get answers quickly, we streamlined the earliest stages of the sales process and reduced friction by providing options when it came to communication. We implemented a chat bot that would answer some frequently asked questions, help users schedule tours, and direct people to a live person when more help was needed.

The Results:

The client saw a quick change in the number of tours being scheduled. Here’s what the data showed us after the first 6 months:

    • 24.1% of chats turned into closed business.
    • 11.2% of form submissions turned into closed business.
    • 115.2% increase in website conversions.

chats turned into closed business.

Form submissions turned into closed business.

Increase in website conversions.

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