ClickCease The Amazon Effect: Our Journey to Improve User Experience

The Challenge

How To Improve User Experience

In today’s world, when it comes to online shopping buyers are looking for fast delivery services, at affordable prices. Our client Car Tow Dolly knew they had a great product but found it difficult to convert most of their online leads into sales.


With significantly high web traffic and a well-ranking website, we realized the problem came down to one thing: user experience. Their text-heavy website, combined with friction during check out, wasn’t enticing customers to finish their orders.


Client: Car Tow Dolly

Project Length: 6 months

Spoiler Alert

The Solution

Simplify the overall user experience, by eliminating check out friction for customers. We accomplished that by offering incentives, such as free shipping on their ultimate Car Tow Dolly bundle, and clarifying the shipping process for buyers.


In addition, we provided more information and transparency for customers, using features like social proof, how-to video demonstrations, and live chat.

Free Shipping

Buyers would begin checking out, but the majority of customers ended up abandoning their cart.

improve user experience free shipping

One of the main issues Car Tow Dolly had was a high number of abandoned cart orders from their customers. While they were clearly interested in the product, there were two likely culprits that were causing customers to abandon their orders.


Undisclosed Shipping Costs until Order Review


Friction and Confusion during Check Out


While customers were interested in buying the product, prior to check out they weren’t given the total cost of shipping. This confusion and lack of information caused their customer conversion rate to sit right at 0.54% – and they knew it was time to take action.

Our Solution

Offer an incentive for the consumer - like free shipping!

Consumer expectations have changed dramatically since the creation of Amazon. The impact of Amazon has made consumers accustomed to quick and affordable shipping. This has completely altered consumer purchase expectations, which makes it difficult for small businesses to compete.


By offering free shipping on their most popular product, the Car Tow Dolly bundle, this helped the customer:

  • Know shipping and handling costs upfront
  • Reduce friction during checkout
  • Remain incentivized to complete their order

In addition to free shipping:

  • We created a Nation Wide Shipping Rate and Zoning Map for other products
  • Clarified and listed all contact information throughout the website, which made the business more accessible to the consumer
  • Simplified Customer Check Out
    • When consumers reach the checkout page, there are no distractions or outside information there to deter the customer from buying. We’ve also included a sidebar that highlights why customers are making a safe and secure purchase, to reaffirm their decision.

Transparent Messaging

Website visitors need clarity and answers - fast.

First Impressions Matter


When a visitor clicks on your website, it’s important to give them all the facts right away. If they can’t find what they’re looking for within a matter of seconds, you’ve lost a potential lead. In addition to clarifying the cost of shipping, and increasing the use of contact information, we:

  • Moved important offers and information above the fold
  • Included How-to Videos and Product Tours for customers
  • Added Social Proof of recent customer purchases
  • Included Special Offers and Promotions in the header
  • Included Google Reviews on Homepage and Product Pages

Fast and Efficient Answers

Automated Live Chat

If customers have questions, they don’t always have time to pick up the phone and call. To help clarify and improve the customer experience, we added live chat to provide customers with another means of communication.


Live chat can:

  • Address frequently asked questions
  • Provide additional product information
  • Encourages customers towards making a purchase

Since April:

  • A total of 2.5% of website visitors have asked additional questions related to the product
  • In total, the number of live chat users tops 776 people – in just three short months!

How does free shipping impact customer satisfaction?

Results and Impact

By clarifying their shipping process, and including relevant information and contact information, visitors found clarity during their shopping experience and checkout process.

  • Increased their new website to a 1.49% conversion rate.
  • Increased total traffic to their checkout page by 101.05%
  • Decrease their overall bounce rate by 4.73%
  • Increase the average time spent on their website by 17.74%
  • Improved all customer experience

In Conclusion


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